An Honored History of Benevolence and Service.



The Choir Boys Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club originated in Southern California and was conceived on February 17, 1991. The club was founded by Jay Ellsworth and Rocco Shonts, two Police Officers from the Vernon Police Department located in Los Angeles County.

Carbon Canyon in Brea, California

They both enjoyed riding Harley Davidson Motor Cycles and the camaraderie of other Law Enforcement Officers. While participating at a "Support the Troops" Ride that ended at a small biker bar in La Vida Canyon, Brea, California they sat down and started discussing on how they could develop an exclusive Police Officers - Harley Davidson Only club.

Colors Are Drawn and A Name Is Formed

During their discussion Jay Ellsworth developed and drew the club's colors on a bar napkin and the clubs name was taken from the 1970's movie "The Choir Boys" which was made from the book "Choir Boys" by LAPD Sgt. Joseph Wambaugh. "Choir Practice" is a term meaning to go out after work and socialize. The rest is history.

The vest attached with "colors" is the symbol of or organization. The actual colors and their significance are;

  • Blue - Represents the stand we choose to take for our community to protect them from evil, which is commonly referred to as the "Thin Blue Line"
  • White - Represents the purity of heart that fills all Choir Boys. 
  • Gold - Signifies the rarity and strength of the few who calls themselves Choir Boys.

The untipped "Scales of Justice" stands for fairness and the lack of bias that is necessary to conduct our lives.

As a whole, the colors represent the brotherhood and camaraderie that is the staple of our existence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the sport of motorcycling, to enhance the brotherhood between law enforcement personnel and to support and contribute funds to the widows and children of officers killed in the line of duty.

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